Data Supply Service


For getting Meteorological Data from IMD

Data Supply Service
Data Supply Portal is operational w.e.f. 01st March 2019, for online management of all activities related to Supply of Meteorological Data. This service manages :
 a) data requests and enquires from the users on meteorological data, worldwide,
 b) registrations of the educational institutes and subsequent renewals,
 c) retrieval of meteorological data as requested by the parties,
 d) supply of the data and
 e) generation of reports of activities & revenues.

The objective of Data Supply Portal is to enhance the efficiency & transparency, to reduce the service delivery time, to maintain the electronic log of every action and to provide real-time information to all concerned, related to the process of 'Supply of Meteorological Data' at National Data Center, IMD, Pune.

The Version 2.0, launched on 05th August 2019, has additional features as :
 a) Availability of Data at NDC can be explored before filling up the request form.
 b) Estimate of Data Charges can be checked (for those who are not under MoES organisation).

The Version 3.0, is operational from 27thth July 2020, with following facilitites :
 a) RMCs and MCs of IMD can login and get data from NDC Pune for supply to the parties.
 b) Automated Email communication for various acknowledgement.
 c) Dashboard of NDC Data Supply Service.
DSP Dashboard